Tips for Ideal Showings

One of the most important things a seller should do, is wake up assuming you will be called for a showing that day. If you ensure your home is “show-ready” every day, then you are already ahead of others. Follow these simple tips to make sure you have a good showing:

• Listen to the feedback
When agents give feedback you can improve on, make those changes. The agents showing your house have firsthand experience as to how. A buyer reacts to you home.

• Smell
Make sure your home smells good for potential buyers. If you have pets, do not let their scent overpower the home. Have air fresheners or wax warmers going.

• Make the bed
It is not welcoming for a buyer to see a messy bed, make sure before you leave in the morning, your sheets are tidy.

• Fresh Flowers
Fresh flowers are beautiful to look at, smell nice and make the home feel inviting.

• Clean
A quick sweep, dust and table wipe go a long way. Keeping the house tidy is welcoming for buyers.

• Dishes
Make sure there is not a pile of dishes in your sink, it could give the illusion that you dishwasher does not work, or that there is not a lot of shelf space.

• Natural light
Having the blinds or curtains open, allows natural light to come in and make the space feel larger.

• De-Clutter
Let buyers picture themselves in the home by de-cluttering and getting rid of unneeded items, so the potential is obvious.

Follow these simple steps for a positive showing and stand out to buyers.

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