Buying Tips

Traditionally, all real estate sales reps. represent the seller, even sales reps. who “assisted buyers”, this caused buyers to be misrepresented “hanging out in the breeze”, so to speak. Now as a buyer, you can receive the same level of representation that sellers have enjoyed.

10 Things we will do for you before you buy real estate.

    1. We will negotiate the lowest possible price for you that can possibly save you thousands of dollars.
    2. We will point out all defects, deficiencies or necessary repairs of the property before you buy.
    3. We will assess with care your needs and wants and will work actively to show you all properties which fit your requirements , not just our own listings and not properties that we know will disappoint you.
    4. We will prepare a current market analysis of the property you choose to ensure that you don’t pay too much.
    5. We will help you to determine the initial offer price and negotiating strategies.
    6. We will assist you and work with any financial institution to arrange the best possible financing terms available today.
    7. We will include any special “protective” clauses in your offer to ensure you get what you bargained for.
    8. We will present your offer to the seller and work hard on your behalf to negotiate the best deal for you.
    9. We will disclose to you every cost involved in the purchase of your property. We want no surprises at closing.
    10. We will follow up your transaction right to a successful closing.
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